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Twins Pleating & Smocking, Inc. --- Your Premiere Novelty Company

Twins Pleating is committed to quality work, prompt service, and competitive prices. With over 40 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry, this family business has formed a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Established in 1995, Twins Pleating has grown to become the leader in novelty products. With over two decades of establishment, Twins is currently enjoying much success in the enhancement of fabric via the pleating process and unique stitching. Following our tradition, we provide quality and care behind each garment. Our dedication and commitment to our customers make Twins the number one choice for pleated and stitched goods. 

We provide services for the fashion industry, home textile and design, as well as any individual projects with NO MINIMUMS.  We have several designs and styles that are manufactured at our Los Angeles facility which will suit your individual taste.

Twins representatives work efficiently with customers to ensure quality service and above all customer satisfaction. We are also committed and strong proponents of keeping jobs in America and by working with us you can rest assured that your hard earned money is staying in the local community.

Meet The Team


Roberto Gomez

Since the 1970’s, Roberto has been involved in the pleating and stitching industry.  He believes their commitment to their customers, product knowledge and experience makes them the leader in the industry.  In his spare time, Roberto enjoys working out and spending time with his family. His dream is to retire in his cattle ranch while watching his grandchildren play.

Fun fact, Roberto named his business after his twin sons and his twin mother.  It runs in the family. 


Tony Gomez

Tony joined his father at Twins Pleating after finishing his university studies.  He strongly believes that understanding your customer and being able to deliver exactly what they want is what keeps people coming back and choosing Twins.  Tony is a huge soccer fan and loves to travel. His love for the beautiful game striked his interest and one of his best memories was going to Brazil for the World Cup.

Fun fact, Tony just became a father for a second time guessed it, twin girls.   


Anay Gonzalez

Anay (Ana-ee) is the office manager and is a big part of the team in so many ways. From accounts receivable to customer relations to production coordination she can literally do it all. Twins is very lucky to have her on board as one of thee biggest compliments Twins receives is Anay's attention to detail.

Fun fact, when not in the office you can catch her singing Karaoke, or maybe we should say hear her. 


Cynthia Gomez

With a background in finance, marketing & international relations, Cynthia has been a consultant to Twins for years.  Her fields of expertise make her a valuable asset and she hopes to help the company keep growing.  She is responsible for printed ads and hopes to own and operate a few businesses in the near future.  That's right, a few! Cynthia has volunteered for the Peace Corp and has traveled to over 20+ countries, but whos counting? 

Fun fact, she loves airports and has visited 4 wonders of the world.   


Vanessa Gomez

Vanessa is the newest addition to the team. A university grad that recently returned from her studies abroad in the Netherlands.  Vanessa is our creative director as well as head of public relations. She is passionate about education and hopes to one day own and operate her own nonprofit.  An avid traveler with a love for photography and nature, she has a keen eye for beauty.  Most of the photography you see on this site was shot by no other than Vanessa! 

Fun fact, she has always excelled in her academic career and can tout valedictorian as one of her many accomplishments.        

Twins Pleating & Smocking Team
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